Nature’s Beauty

The tree was awe-inspiring even with all of the power lines running through it


The Day I Became a Train Hopper

Today, I was telling a friend about this post. It is one I wrote in 2014. Since I’m not writing new posts until my wrist heals, I thought I would reblog this one. Enjoy!

Living, Learning and Letting Go

Photo Credit:  Wikimedia Photo Credit: Wikimedia

I didn’t start that January 2014 day planning on becoming a train hopper.  Far from it.  My intention was to accompany my daughter, Chaitanya, to her dentist appointment.  Since her appointment was at Amma’s multi-speciality hospital in Kochi (India), several hours away from her ashram in Amritapuri where Chaitanya lives, it was bound to be an adventure, but train hopping was not supposed to be part of it.

Amrita Institute of Medical Sciences (AIMS) Amrita Institute of Medical Sciences (AIMS)

Amrita Institute of Medical Sciences (AIMS) began in 1998 as a 100 bed hospital and has grown into a 1400 bed tertiary care center with a campus that includes a School of Medicine, School of Nursing, School of Dentistry, School of Pharmacy, and a Center for Nano-sciences and Molecular Medicine.

I have wanted to see AIMS for a long time, but once I arrive at the ashram on my yearly India…

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The Eagles (for once, NOT the rock band)

Today, the 4th of July holiday, seems like the perfect day to reblog Kathie’s ChosenPerspectives post about her bald eagle visitors. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did. What an incredible life experience.


I have delayed, avoided, and postponed writing this because I wanted to find the words to convey my recent profound experience.

For more than a month, we have had Bald Eagles visiting on our quiet little dead-end street, unusual in the middle of one of the largest, fastest growing cities in Washington state.

I’ve lived in my home for almost 44 years and have sometimes seen eagles circling high above.  Twice, I was even gifted with a low fly-by right in my driveway! But I have only seen them land once before. (I wrote a whole story about that dramatic event but I’ll save it for a later post!)

A few weeks ago on my daily walk I just happened to spot, well actually hear some sky activity. A couple of Bald Eagles, apparently cruising our neighborhood for prey or a nesting site (although it seems late in the year for that…

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my fault

Rara is an incredibly creative writer, author, and poet. She spreads love and wisdom with every blog-post. She also models being accountable for her thoughts, words, actions and attitudes. I encourage you to read her most recent poem, and to explore her blog.


It’s my fault.
I walked under that open ladder.

It’s my fault.
I broke that mirror in the 7th grade.  I stepped on a crack in the sidewalk,
I made the cracks that others have stepped on.

It’s my fault.
I didn’t forward that email.
Years later, I chose not to share that post.

It’s my fault.
I work for a man who opens umbrellas inside.

Years before, I worked for a man who sent me to prison.

It’s my fault,
and I never claimed it wasn’t,

and if you’re really really lucky,
maybe your life
can be all your fault, too.

It’s my fault.
I married a handsome man who loved me, a man who I loved,
a good man.

It’s my fault,
I got all A’s in classrooms, but then went to prison
and got a C in firefighting.

It’s my fault.
I questioned God.
I questioned Science.

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Am I Contributing to My Living or My Dying?



My contribution to The Seeker’s Dungeon “On Living and Dying” event is up.

You can find my post at: Am I Contributing to My Living or My Dying?


I have loved reading the various guest posts in the series. If you visit The Seeker’s Dungeon, consider checking them out!

If you’d like to become one of the guest authors, you can learn more about the event here: 365 Days On Living and Dying.


Guest Posting Opportunities

Sreejit at “The Seeker’s Dungeon” has started a guest post series entitled “365 Days on Living and Dying.” You are welcome to submit a post whether or not you have a blog.

I hope everyone who reads this will take advantage of the opportunity! It should be a very interesting series.

The Seeker's Dungeon

Join the new series: 365 Days on Living and Dying

Because I’m both reckless and ambitious, I’m starting a new series on Living and Dying featuring you!  Based on the success of our 30 days of Walking with Intention series, I want to go even further off the deep end and try for 365 days of honest reflection on the subject of Life and Death.

You can find the full prompt here: On Living and Dying

Because this is a full years event, it means that we need a lot of voices to join in.  So, please invite your friends. If they are not writers, then help them with the proofreading. We want to hear from all faiths and view points. We want to hear from You.

The series starts on May 1st so there is an immediate need for contributors.  Get your posts in now and join in on…

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Cigarette Butt Pickup!

Last Saturday, on a cold, windy, wet day, some members of the Pacific Northwest Litter Project held a cigarette butt pick-up work party in the International District of Seattle.

Cigarette butts are the most common form of litter in the world and they are more toxic than you might think. The filters are NOT made of cotton, they are made of cellulose acetate tow and they can take decades to degrade. Investigators in a San Diego State University study once discovered that if you put fathead minnows and a single cigarette butt in a liter of water, half of the fish will die.

We pick up the butts to keep them out of landfills, waterways, the stomachs of animals and birds, and away from plants and children. The butts are sent to TerraCycle where they are turned into plastic pallets. Since the summer of 2011, we have picked up almost 300,000 butts!

As the result of last Saturday’s two hour work party, 23 pounds of cigarette butts are on their way to TerraCycle.

The Pacific Northwest Litter Project is part of GreenFriends, the environmental arm of Amma’s Embracing the World.


Advice to New Bloggers



Today’s prompt from The Daily Post is called “Key Takeaway” and the instructions are:

Give your newer sisters and brothers-in-WordPress one piece of advice based on your experiences blogging

This is a topic very close to my heart. First of all, I’d like to welcome all of you who are new to the blogging world. I have found blogging to be one of the most rewarding experiences in my life and I hope the same for you.

My advice is to celebrate when friends, relatives, colleagues and members of your personal community are interested in your blog, but don’t count on it being the case. See blogging as a way of building an additional community for yourself, as a way of sharing information with like-minded people, and as an opportunity to communicate with those for whom your thoughts and experiences are an exciting new world.

I have learned so much from reading other people’s blogs and I have developed new and treasured friendships within the Word Press community. Blogging has expanded my own world and I know that others have learned from reading mine. I will be forever grateful to my son Sreejit (The Seeker’s Dungeon and Where Love Meets War) for encouraging /pushing me to start my blog.


Photo Credit: Wikimedia

What Does It Mean to Be?




What does it even mean to BE,
Doing, doing never done,
That is all I’ve ever known,
Body, mind, and soul yearn to rest,
That new goal must be addressed,
Heart caught within the mind’s net,


Written for Challenges for Growth Prompt #3: Learning to Be
Photo Credit: Wikimedia