There are so many different kinds of dahlias.  Who would think these flowers would be the same genus

as this one!


Wikipedia says that dahlias are also related to sunflowers, daisies, chrysanthemums, and zinnias.


10 thoughts on “Dahlias

    1. Interesting…… where do you live? I have trouble growing flowers too. Dahlias are the only ones that seem to grow for me, with the exception of the small Black Eyed Susan plant I bought this year.


      1. Part of my yard is heavy clay too so I understand. Actually the front was heavy clay in parts too but taking out the grass plus years of mixing the clit with compost and still later adding a brick wall so I could adding 6-12 more inches of compost has transformed it. Your mentioning this reminds me of back when adult men had great difficulty getting a shovel into it.

        I’ve lived here since 1973 and have no plans to move! 🙂


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