Snake in your bedroom!

I enjoy looking at the work of new bloggers. Today I discovered Rajaraman and his “Raja’s Short Stories” blog. The two short stories of his that I read today were well written and really held my interest. They also contained meaningful lessons about life. I decided to reblog this one so you can all get a sense of his work. Join me in welcoming Rajaraman to the WordPress blogging community!

Raja's Short Stories

“Enough of all this.  Shut up, this is not working out.” Rishi said.

“Yeah, I knew this would never work out.” said Naina.

Their marriage had become strained over the past few years.  They weren’t spending enough time with each other.  The sweet talks had vanished.  Their relationship had become more or less like a chore.  The passion was missing.

But they did fight with passion.  They loved themselves more than the other person. They didn’t care for each other’s opinion or point of view.

They finally felt that they were nearing their end.

“Oh God.  Why did I marry her?  Please relieve me of this pain.” he thought.

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