Power and Mystery

There is a block close to my house that I love to walk down.  It is lined by six huge trees that feel sacred to me.  I experience the sense of their power and mystery every time I walk under them. (Click on gallery to enlarge the photos.)


13 thoughts on “Power and Mystery

  1. what absolute majestyI enlarged to be sure they were evergreens – what kind exactly?  Not a regular Douglas fir I think….how privileged you are to live in such a beautiful area – and what you’ve done to enlarge and update your gardens – veggieand flower – is nothing short of amazing.Thanks so much or sharing these Seattle/Beacon Hill photos the last week or soalmost like being thereI do miss the northwest so – been too many years – at least 4 I thinktruly and deeply wish there was the $$ to make the Amma visit there once more All blessings J

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