A Time of Creation

When I returned from Amma’s programs in Everett on Tuesday, I was surprised by how much my garden had grown.  I felt so grateful to the neighbor who watered the plants for me during the four days I was gone.  Everything looked so beautiful.

I have shared a glimpse of the garden beds I have been building in past posts, but haven’t shown them up close.  I decided now is the time, even though I’ve only completed two of the four.

I plan to add some more dirt to this front one and straighten some of the bricks but other than that it is finished.  The bed closer to the house is about half done.

20150602_154308Below is a photo of the other bed that is finished.  As you can see, I haven’t even begun to make the one that will be closer to the house, the area where the hose and water can are located.  And as I look at this picture, I also see what a detraction the garbage, yard waste and recycling bins are.  I don’t know what I will do with those but I am definitely going to think about it!


Once the four garden beds are finished I will work on the gravel walkways!  I am enjoying this project so much.


22 thoughts on “A Time of Creation

    1. A neighbor told me it should work if I stagger them and so far it has. The downside is the top ones move if they are bumped or if children play with them. Several people have suggested I mortar them but that would be so much harder to fix if the dirt settles or the mole tunnels disrupt the earth. For now I’m taking it as an opportunity for a lesson in impermanence and will rebuild it as needed.

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    1. The beans that you see are bush beans. There are quite a few of types of summer and winter squash in the garden, both in these beds and on the other side of the driveway. Some are growing better than others.

      I know what we call zucchini squash is called something else in other countries. Is that the courgettes you are referring too. Yes, those are there too although they aren’t doing as well as the other types of squash. Last year I had trouble with zucchini too. Usually you can’t keep up with the amount it produces, but I had about six plants last year and among them they only produced about 10 zucchini. Very weird.

      (I looked it up…. yes what we call zucchini you call courgettes!)

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      1. I just looked. The squash in the first picture are yellow crookneck summer squash and the squash you can see a little in the second and fourth pictures are tromboncino! One year I grew a five foot tromboncino squash! That squash is a small green summer squash if you pick it early or a big gold winter squash if you let it grow.


      2. yes we have different names for the same plants.. And some years you get that.. Last year we had loads of zucchini/Courgettes 🙂 and lots of butternut squash. 🙂 Happy Growing Season Karuna.. x ❤

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  1. I love that idea…if ever you want to change things around as well, you can…a bit of Buddhist thought here…and your beautiful gardens seem to be a labour of love (although a lot of work). I used to love getting my hands in the soil planting my flowers. Awesome photos, Karuna!


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