February 2015 in Seattle

Normal temperature in Seattle for February should be a high of 50 degrees (F) and a low of 37.  Yesterday the high was 77 and the low was 51.  While I am really enjoying the warm weather and am really glad that we don’t have the snow Boston is getting, the change in normal weather patterns is still a concern.

Today I noticed the rhubarb is up…. and the slugs have already been busy.

20150213_082451After publishing this post, I decided to go to the grocery store.  It was nighttime, but I saw this flower as I pulled out of the driveway.  When I returned, I used a low light setting to get a photograph I could share with you.

20150213_205933_LLSIt is February.



7 thoughts on “February 2015 in Seattle

  1. Temperature in Florida is unusually low. Sun is shining today, but cool – currently 52 degrees at 11:00 a.m. I agree something is going on with our weather. I wish we could convince some of those climate change deniers in Congress to stop ignoring or rejecting this issue.

    Thank you for sharing the photos. Luckily, me healing container garden is still healthy, despite the cold Florida nights.


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