Seattle-जनाः एकं कुतुम्बं अभवन्

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I returned to Seattle on Saturday, January 10 and yesterday, Sunday January 18, attended a Sanskrit class.  We are required to write sentences for each class.  I, of course, decided to focus on the Seahawks playoff game that would start an hour and a half after that class ended!

My sentences:

शनिवासरे मध्याह्नकाले Seattle-नगरं भारततः अहं आगतवती |
On Saturday afternoon to Seattle from India I came.


सपादपञ्चवादने सायङ्काले Seahawks- स्पर्धां अहं दृष्टवती |
At 5:15 in the afternoon I watched the Seahawks match.


उत्तमाः ते आसन् | ते विजयिनः आसन् |
They were very good.  They were winners.


ते अद्य पुनः क्रीडिष्यन्ति | ते पुनः विजयिनः भविष्यन्ति |
Today they will play again. They again will be winners.


पूर्वं २०१४-वर्षे Seahawks -दलं न दृष्टवती | इदानीं सर्वदा अहं पश्यामि
Before 2014 I did not watch the Seahawks.  Now I always watch.


Seahawks-दलस्य कारणतः Seattle-जनाः एकं कुतुम्बं अभवन् |
Because of the Seahawks, Seattle people became a family.


I’m so glad that my “prediction” yesterday was right and we did win the game.  And what a “mind blowing” game it was!

 Super Bowl, Here we come!  Go Hawks!



12 thoughts on “Seattle-जनाः एकं कुतुम्बं अभवन्

  1. We watched the game too…the QB went to NC State so we have an interest in the team. He is a good kid…and a smart quarterback…even when they were down…he didn’t say “can’t”. Love it.

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  2. What a character you are!! I’m afraid I watch only hockey during the playoffs and then some.Quebecois are not that much into other sports except hockey and soccer is getting popular (I find it gives our youths a good workout in the summer too for hockey…we are ice fanatics).


      1. Yes, well I can understand that…I had stopped watching hockey but my family all love it, play it and moving back here, at work and all the cafés and bars around duirng playoffs people gather to watch.


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