Nature Cycles


For Photography 101: The Natural World and Wordless Wednesday



11 thoughts on “Nature Cycles

    1. This picture wasn’t about garden problems, although I definitely know what you mean about gardens being an experiment. Last night it hit freezing here for the first time this season and the droopy squash vines were the result of the freeze!


      1. Ahhhh, well that explains it! No freezing temps where I live, just a rookie gardener. But I love when it actually works, it’s very rewarding! I guess your garden is done for the year, time to dream and get ready for next year! Stay cozy and warm.


      2. That particular plant was amazing. The main part of it had died away long ago and then all of a sudden a part of it started growing again. It was producing at a rate that far exceeded what it had produced for the rest of the season!

        Staying cozy and warm sounds good. Actually I’m leaving for India soon so I will definitely be getting warm.

        Thanks for commenting……

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      1. We are lucky. Much of the country is having big snow storms, which is also unusual at this time of year. There is chance for a little snow here today but it wouldn’t be much and probably won’t happen at all. A few days ago, if I am remembering right, one place in the U.S. had 65 degree drop in temperature in one day. And even the south has very low temperatures.

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