Gratitude Sunday

I am so grateful to Al, my ex-husband, who several years ago, on my birthday, gave me my first laptop. Al always recognizes Mother’s Day by giving me flowers but it is not our practice to exchange presents on birthdays or other events. I was so surprised, and delighted. I had wanted a laptop for a long time, but hadn’t made it happen.

I am so grateful to the friend, whom I know would want to remain unnamed, who has helped me with my various computers, year after year. For the last 15 years or so he has spent countless hours aiding me in setting them up, keeping them running and when it is time, guiding me in purchasing a new one.

I am so grateful to the laptop itself. There were many times during the last three years, when I felt like I lived on that computer; writing a monthly newsletter, corresponding with clients, family and friends, planning workshops, and organizing events. The laptop made it possible for me to begin blogging in March, so it has been even a bigger part of my life since then. For years, it has accompanied me around the U.S., and to Canada and India.

Old laptop

Over the last few months, it has become obvious that my laptop’s life span was quickly coming to the end. Last week there was no doubt that it was time for me to thank it for its years of service, say goodbye and move on to its successor.  My friend once again helped me in making that transition.

So now I am so grateful for my new laptop. I love the feel of it and how well it runs!   I anticipate that we will be working together for many years. I am particularly looking forward to all the blogging we will be doing!

new 2



7 thoughts on “Gratitude Sunday

    1. I told him to read the comments from time to time so he will probably see it. I will let him know your comment is there!

      When I wrote the post about Mother Antonia I had you in my thoughts. I think you will love the book!


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