Sanskrit Prayer to Mother Earth

Last May, my Sanskrit Class and our GreenFriends group put on a Sanskrit skit for Amma when she held a retreat in the Seattle area.



We started the performance with a prayer to Mother Earth.  I love the words of the chant and thought I would share the translation with you.  Many Indian children chant this prayer before they get out of bed each morning, i.e. before their feet touch the floor.

Slide2Slide3Slide4Slide5May we all learn to develop such respect for Mother Earth.




3 thoughts on “Sanskrit Prayer to Mother Earth

  1. In my yoga teacher training we are doing a sanskrit mantra and it is so pretty, it reminds me of this post: I meditate on the most brilliant splendor of the Creator, May our intellect shine as brilliantly as the Divine Sun, So that we are inspired to take the right action at the right time for the benefit of all beings….Om, Boor Bhunaha Svaha, Omtatsuvitu Varen’Yam, Bhargo Devashyaa Dhimah Dy’Yo Yo, Nah or Ohm Prachodayaat.


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