Do You Need a Laugh? Part 2

On April 25, 2014, I posted the first “Do You Need a Laugh?”  It contained a list of posts  that had made me laugh out loud.  “Do You Need a Laugh?” turned out to be one of my most popular posts so I decided to send out a second installment!  This time I included videos as well as articles. I hope you enjoy them.


From  Euphonic Charity In Which I Resolve to Make Better Bad Decisions

From The Seeker’s Dungeon Can You Say Too Much Information?

From Innate James My Forthcoming Pigeon-Plucking Business

From Meaningful Western Life The Best Way to Achieve Inner Peace

From Chronicles of an Anglo Swiss Worldly Encounters From Planet Flum


In Serendipity I found this 1965 song.  It is a chance to laugh at ourselves….. or cry.

From Gretchen Hoey:




18 thoughts on “Do You Need a Laugh? Part 2

    1. Those of us who were watching it at my house really laughed too. I wonder how people from other countries will take it.

      When I was young there was almost no contact between Catholics and Protestants. I don’t see that in my part of the world anymore. It is somewhat hard for me to imagine it was ever true.

      I think all the areas he mentions have shifted to varying degrees. But there is still enough truth to the lyrics, that I didn’t realize it was a 1965 song until I looked it up.


      1. Yeah. Especially the rich hating the poor and the poor hating the rich. I don’t think that one will EVER change.

        (Or the gratitude that brotherhood celebrations only last for a week ^_~)


      1. That’s interesting. There are five articles and two videos in the post. I’m glad I asked. That might happen for other people as well.


  1. I just realized I have no idea what’s happening with you. I need to catch up on your posts! THanks for the mention. I look forward to reading your suggestions. Good news is it’s almost Memorial Day weekend so I’ll have time to catch up!


    1. I also look forward to catching up with you. The Blogging 101 course was all I could handle so I haven’t even looked at the Reader. Amma comes to town today and her programs start tomorrow. So my “catching up” won’t start until midweek next week.

      I hope you enjoy the posts I’ve written since you visited last!


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